Fantastic weekend at the Schools 2 day event in Warwickshire. 7 CHS riders took part, every one was placed individually in their sections, a mixed schools team with Lucy E were 5th in the 80cm class and a CHS/Mixed Schools team of Lexi, Paddy, Abbey and Anna won the 90cm class by a margin of 30 points. Brilliant riding from everyone, the practice with the stopwatches and working out pace and time, logistics of roads and tracks and steeplechase, fitness routines and hard work all paid off.
Huge congratulations to Lucy E, Orla, Keeva (who's pony was also given 'best condition' by the Vet in the 10 minute box), Paddy and  Abbey. Special mention for Lexi, who was just pipped into 2nd in her section but finished on in her dressage score over the whole 2 days, which is outstanding, and Anna who won her section and got best dressage, with only 1 show jump down to add to her dressage. We have some great riders and fab ponies in our branch.
Great team effort by all parents with everyone just seeing what was needed and getting on with it - thanks to Fionnuala for organising stabling, Helen for organising (and doing) catering, Caroline for the Sat Nav, Tony for Ice Creams, Mouse for mucking out and all the other supporters. Great weekend, thanks everyone, we're already looking forward to next year..




Classes as follows:

 70cms Novice and Novice Pairs;   80cms Pairs and Intermediate;   90cms Open

Schedules available on website


Riding Road Safety

Congratulations to Lavinia Johnson, Rose Diggle, Lexie Topping, Isabelle Mason, Abbie Rimmer, Orla Mcevoy, Katie Reynoldson and Elizabeth Parton who recently passed their Road Rider Safety Test.


Netley Hall Games Comptition

Well don to the Cheshire Hunt South A Team who won the B team final last weekend at Netley Hall

Dengie Winner!

Congratulations to Lucy Hassall and her pony clara for winning the Dengie Championships at Warwickshire College, Moreton Morrell. Lucy and Kate Samuel both qualified on the 14th of March at Somerford Park, and were great support to each other at the finals. 

Cheshire Hunt North Winter League Class One

The final of the 2014/2015 Winter league season Showjumping competitions finished at Somerford Park Farm on 14th March and what a final it was!
The class one team of Alice Ford, Georgie Moore,Bea Hammond and Lavinia Johnson. They held onto their lead with brilliant speedy, clear rounds and not only won the competition, but the league as well.
All the early starts, travelling and dark visits to Southview for training over the winter have been worth it and the team spirit and support between the girls has been fantastic.
A big thank you to all the parents who have helped and been grooms over the last six months and of course a big thank you is due to Chris, Sarah Ford and Jayne Newall who do a fantastic job organising everyone and making things run smoothly.


Well Done to mounted game team who were 2nd this weekend!

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